REOH Cancellation Policy

No Show Policy
A “no show” fee will be billed for a claimant who misses an appointment without cancelling it.  “No show” appointments will be billed in full.  REOH will notify the party responsible for scheduling the appointment after a “no show.”  Claimants who “no show” for two (2) appointments in any town outside of Missoula will only be rescheduled for an appointment in Missoula.  Claimants who “no show” for more than two (2) appointments will not be rescheduled again.  REOH maintains the right to refuse the scheduling and/or rescheduling of appointments.

REOH Paperwork
Claimants must sign the Informed Consent Form to be seen by one of the REOH physicians.  Claimants who refuse to sign will not be allowed to proceed with their appointment.  REOH considers these circumstances “no show” appointments and will bill in full.    

Cancellation/Reschedule Fee
REOH requires ten (10) business days’ notice for cancellation.  Appointments cancelled within ten (10) business days of the scheduled appointment will be billed in full.  Appointments rescheduled within ten (10) business days will be billed in the following manner, calculated using the base rate of an Independent Medical Evaluation or Impairment Rating:

·       Ten (10) business days = Ten (10) percent
·       Nine (9) business days = Twenty (20) percent
·       Eight (8) business days = Thirty (30) percent
·       Seven (7) business days = Forty (40) percent
·       Six (6) business days = Fifty (50) percent
·       Five (5) business days = Sixty (60) percent
·       Four (4) business days = Seventy (70) percent
·       Three (3) business days = Eighty (80) percent
·       Two (2) business days = Ninety (90) percent
·       One (1) business day = One hundred (100) percent

How to Reschedule or Cancel an Appointment
Call (406) 549-6520 or email Lynn at 

Medical Information
REOH requests that all pertinent medical records, the First Report of Injury, and a letter outlining questions for the IME physician to address be provided at least ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled appointment.

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