Request for Utilization & Treatment Review Services

REOH provides utilization & treatment guideline file review services for the industries of workers’ compensation, auto, liability, and group health. File reviews use an evidence-based approach and can uncover excessive treatment and expenses pertaining to a claim. Examples of cases that would benefit from a file review are questions pertaining to medication usage/costs and/or appropriate treatment/overutilization. A REOH physician will objectively review of a maximum number of 25 pages and provide guidance.

REOH’s Utilization & Treatment Reviews are beneficial when one or more of the following exists:

  • Excessive claim costs

  • More than reasonable number of visits to the same provider with no functional improvement

  • Questionable relatedness of treatment to a specific claim

  • Questionable reasonableness of treatment

  • Potential pharmacy overutilization

  • Aggravated or exacerbated pre-existing condition(s)

  • Catastrophic or permanent injuries

  • Frequent specialty consultations/diagnostic testing with no definitive diagnosis

  • Establishing causation in cases of delay in reporting an injury or delay in seeking treatment for a specific claim

  • Lack of medical documentation or evidence-based treatment plan

Turnaround time is a maximum of two business days from medical record submission.

REOH cannot review files regarding: Medicare supplement, disability income, hospital indemnity, specified accident, credit, long term care, and non-governmental self-funded plans.

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After submitting this form, please fax records to 833-734-REOH (7364). REOH will contact you within 24 hours during the work week (with the exception of office closures) with confirmation your submission and records were received.